our roots

Technology is supposed to be your friend, make it work for you not against you

Having worked in traditional, paper based accounting firms with very rigid staid practices we soon realised how under utilised technology could be in these environments. We make sure we use the most up to date technologies to improve not only the efficiency of the work we complete but also how you experience our services. No more needing to come in and physically hand over shoe boxes piled full of paper receipts.


Our Aim

To be Australia’s most tech savvy & efficient accounting firm.

We’re constantly evolving so we can stay at the very forefront of the accounting industry, as a leader in innovation and new technologies, utilising cutting edge tax knowledge and planning strategies to minimise our clients’ taxes.


Our Focus

The education of both our clients and our staff.

We aim to be the ultimate training ground for young entrepreneurs and the employer of choice for those wanting to begin a career in accounting, tax and business advisory.


our team

From Sydney and Canberra to all over the world, we’ve got you and a lot of time zones covered.


Scott Lynch - Director

Scott is the Managing Director of Beanstalk Accountants, and a self confessed tax and technology nerd. He geeks-out over the latest and greatest in the world of tax and tech. You’ll usually find him outdoors - on a bike, unicycle, rock climbing, skiing, at the beach, or wandering around upside-down in a handstand...   

Forming Beanstalk Accountants with the aim of becoming Australia’s most tech savvy accounting firm, he’s always on the hunt for new apps and tricks that can save time and frustration. Scott loves digging into all the latest tax changes to see how they can further benefit his clients.

Random Fun Fact:

Record number of beers consumed whilst still able to successfully ride a unicycle = 13

Tax specialties:

Professional Services

Tech Startups


Location: Sydney Office


Rowan Mutandadzi - Director

Rowan is a Director of Beanstalk Accountants. He is great at breaking complicated tax matters down into layman’s terms, allowing him to work with a broad range of clients from office to trade professionals. He enjoys using the latest software to simplify accounting processes and helping his clients achieve their goals.

Rowan enjoys keeping fit and spending time with his family and friends. Outside the office you’ll find him lifting weights, lifting the spirits of his beautiful wife and kids and lifting a delicious glass of wine with his family and mates.

Random Fun Fact:

Rowans mother is from Norway and his father from Zimbabwe. So, naturally, he is comfortable in any climate!

Tax specialties:

Hospitality, Office & Trade Professionals

Property Investors

Share Investors

Location: Canberra Office


Rajiv Rao - Senior Manager

Rajiv’s work is underpinned by holistic practices, this foundation allows him to deliver the best results to his clients and offer solutions that will benefit them, not only in the present, but also the future. Rajiv finds satisfaction in simplifying the complicated, and learning about the ever evolving world of tax and tech.

Rajiv loves the idea of travelling and working remotely, exploring the outdoors, and discovering new music/artists. He also has a freakish recollection of movie quotes. Ever heard the complete script of Dumb and Dumber or Goodfellas recited…? It’s a gift. More importantly his day is not complete without good food, and spending time with his family

Tax specialties:

Self-Managed Superannuation

Location: Sydney Office


Kevin Ngan - Accountant

Kevin was Beanstalk Accountants first ever employee and has been assisting clients since he was an undergraduate still at university. Since then he has continued to develop his tax knowledge and skills.

During his free time he enjoys taking photos and eating delicious food from different cultures around the world. There’s only 1 thing that can get between him and his food…


Random Fun Fact:

Kevin is really good at memorising lyrics to Chinese songs, even though he doesn’t always understand them.

Tax specialties:

Property Investors

Expats & Foreign Income

Location: Sydney Office 


Cheryl Ratunil - Accountant

Cheryl joined the Beanstalk family as a Graduate Accountant in 2017, after completing her studies at the University of Canberra.

Cheryl loves nature, food and is keen to discover different cultures from around the world. She will be working remotely for the next year, in a different location each month!

Tax specialties:

Payroll Tax


Location: Digital Nomad - currently in Japan