personal tax

Your personal tax return is just as important as a big business. We'll look after you.

Whether you submit your information to us online or face-to-face, we'll go through your return with a fine tooth comb. We'll check to see if you're entitled to additional deductions, your return will be reviewed by a senior accountant, and once it's signed we'll lodge it with the ATO.


Online tax return = $220

You know your situation is more complex than something you can lodge yourself using MyGov, but are organised and know what you have to provide.

Attach all of your information to an email, as well as our covering tax return checklist, and send it to us to prepare for you.


Face-to-face tax return = $330

For Sydney or Canberra locals who would like to meet in person.

Bring in all of your documentation, we’ll sit down to discuss specific details and tax questions, and will prepare your return for you.


Got more going on than just your average?


Property Investors = Price on application

Started an empire recently? We’ve got your back.

Even though property taxes are some of the most time consuming and record intensive activities, they are for this same reason one of the most beneficial tax-wise. We can help you make sure you’re keeping compliant, while utilising some of the best known tax advantages around.


Shares & Crypto = Price on application

Delving into the world of building wealth through shares and/or crypto?

You’ll no doubt have heard of of the dreaded Capital Gains Tax (CGT)... Not to fear! We can take care of this for you, while making sure you keep yourself squeaky clean in the eyes of the tax man. All you need to do is keep a few simple documents on hand to provide to us each year, and this will be a breeze… for you. For us it’ll be mountains of fun!!



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